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Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson

The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation - Dr Devra Davis

Dr Mercola interviews Dr Klinghart about EMFs

5G & Millimeter Waves: Nick Pineault interviews Pawel Wypychowski

iPhone 11 Pro's RADIATION Problem

Apple Watch Series 5 has HIGHER Radiation than a Phone

Apple AirPods Pro - RF Radiation Investigation

Social Artist Julien Thomas is opening the Faraday Cafe


EMFs and Public Health

A summary site of where the World Health Organization (WHO) stands on the issue of EMFs and health.

Antenna Search

Find out how many cell phone antennas surround your home (US only)

Cell Mapper

A map of all cellular towers (international).

EMF Data

Scientific studies showing effects caused from electro magnetic fields

Antenna Theory

All the science behind how antennas work.

Safe Havens by Maria August

A vision and plan to create EMF-free "Safe Haven" areas in the world.

Electro magnetic Fields Conference 2019

The very first EMF conference to be held.

Building Biology Institute

The science of healthy buildings. Nonprofit Environmental Educational Organization.


A crowd-sourcing initiative to collect and analyse spectrum data.


A map of all wireless networks in the world.

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

Scientific and policy developments regarding the health effects of electromagnetic radiation.


A safe alternative to harmful 5G wireless.

Verizon 5G Coverage Maps

View maps of 5G coverage by Verizon.

Electro-safe Sanctuaries

A list of EMF-free sanctuaries for highly sensitive individuals.

Swiss Shield

Fabrics shielding against Electromagnetic Radiation.

PhoneGate Alert

Organization reveals cell phones true RF exposures far exceed government limits.

5G Map

Find out if you have 5G cell towers near you.

Phone SAR database (FCC)

Search for your device using its FCC id.

BioInitiative 2012

Reported Biological Effects from Radiofrequency Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure Levels

5G Information

Information about 5G and testimonials from Electro-sensitive people.

5G Space Appeal

An Emergency Appeal to the World’s Governments to stop satelite-provided 5G.


Generation Zapped

Documentary revealing the dangers associated with prolonged exposure to wireless technology.

Take Back Your Power

Award-winning documentary uncovers the story behind smart meters.