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How To Reduce your EMF exposure: First 3 steps

Last edited: Nov 29th 2019

When it comes to EMFs, the best approach you can take is to limit your exposure as much as possible. While you obviously cannot control all radiation around you, here are three simple adjustments you can make in your own life that will make a big difference in your day-to-day exposure:

Make it real

1) First of all, if you haven't already, I would recommend buying an EMF meter: this will make the invisible, visible and help you make rational decisions and observations when it comes to your exposure. I personally use the Cornet ED88TPlus.

While it's not cheap (I believe it sells for $190), this to me is the #1 requirement for anyone who feels affected by EMFs as it allows you to reveal in plain sight your exposure and therefore cut it down whenever possible. I consider this a crucial investment in your health.

Use ethernet

2) One of the biggest offenders in terms of EMFs is your home Wifi: your Internet router blasts EMF all day, everyday and it is likely relatively close to your body at all times (when it comes to EMF exposure, distance is key).

The best solution is to completely remove your wifi from your home and use ethernet cables instead to access the Internet. You can contact your Internet provider to help you set this up (tell them you want to disable all of your wifi networks and use a wired connection). For this you would need to buy an ethernet cable, which you would plug from your computer (you might need an adapter depending on the computer you have) to your router. Removing wifi from your home will allow your body to heal and can make a drastic difference in your overall health.

If you can't do this right now or absolutely need your wifi, I would at least recommend buying an electrical timer and setting it to turn off the power at night (say 12am to 7am) and plugging your router in it: this will give your body a solid 7 hours of rest and relief from exposure every day at the very best time for your body to heal.

Adjust your cell phone behavior

3) The second biggest offender when it comes to EMF exposure is your cell phone: it radiates Radio Fields (RF) constantly when connected to cell towers and possibly Wifi and Bluetooth signals, if you have those activated (they are almost automatically activated on the latest versions of iOS).

Simple changes in your handling can drastically reduce your exposure:

Further thoughts

These 3 steps will already massively reduce your EMF exposure and allow your body to heal itself: again, when it comes to EMFs, my personal observation is that the key factor is "quantity": the weaker you body gets, the more sensitive it becomes (and vice versa) so step 1 is to break out of that vicious cycle, and allow your body to heal.

Finally, I would recommend buying "The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs", it will provide further insight and actionable information on how to reduce your exposure.

Nick Pineault (the author) has become somewhat of an EMF expert and is one of the leading figures in the movement to fix this problem. Definitely check the book out.