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Most common EMF-related symptoms

Last edited: July 28th 2019

Sensitivity to electro-magnetic fields such as Wi-fi is a tricky subject: many of the symptoms described by EHS sufferers are often simply diagnosed as root causes for other diseases sharing the same symptoms or flat out brushed off as being of psychological nature (aka: "this is in your head and what you are experiencing is not real"), making the diagnostic a very delicate matter.

This is especially true in a world where most doctors and health practitioners have either not heard of electro-magnetic sensitivity or simply refuse to credit it with any scientific weight.
Unfortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth: there is now an overwhelming amount of science supporting what EHS sufferers have known for years, electro-magnetic fields are in fact harmful to the human body.

So how do you know if you are sensitive to these electro-magnetic fields? If you experience any or multiple of the following symptoms regularly without any apparent reason, after using your cell phone, laptop, tablet, airpods, cordless phone or any other wireless device for extended periods of time, you might be sensitive to EMFs:

This is all nice and cute you say, but these are very common symptoms and could reflect something entirely different. Well, yes and no: on the one hand, it is true that your symptoms could simply be rooted in another cause altogether, but on the other, if you notice a correlation between the occurence of these symptoms and your use of technology, it might be time to check for yourself.

The easiest way to get some rational grounds to your suspicion is to purchase an EMF-meter. This will bring the previously invisible and intangible back into the a tangible realm, giving you a precise measurement of your electro-magnetic environment which will allow you to further test your hypothesis.