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I created EMFHelp after I discovered I was sensitive to wifi and EMFs.

I am originally a web designer and developer by trade and I love technology. But when I found out that the devices I was using daily and loved so much were harming my body I decided I had to something about it.

This website aims to help spread the word about and provide rational, objective, non-biased information and solutions to the challenge that EMFs represents to many people's lives.

From articles and tutorials answering your questions and concerns about the health effects of EMFs, to videos interviews with the field's leading doctors and experts, and stories of EMF refugees and people suffering from EHS, EMFHelp.org aims to bring all credible ressources and information under a single roof, to help spread awareness and bring hope about solutions to the fundamental challenge that EMFs are in our society today


Know of another ressource we should include on the website? Have skills we could use and want to make a difference? Have a great article on EMFs you'd like to include?

Email me with your suggestions and help make EMFHelp even more helpful for everyone.