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The goal of this website is to gather all information on EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Fields) in one place, and act as a rational, science-based hub offering facts and solutions for anyone concerned with the effects of EMFs on their health.

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I believe in a world where being healthy is a right.

I believe in a world where technology is created to serve the needs of humans, not the other way around.

I believe in a world where individual choice matters.

I believe in my right to exist and coexist with humans, without having to suffer unnecessary pain.

I believe in a world where information can flow freely and wirelessly without harming biological life.

I believe in a world where truth prevails.

I believe in a bright future for myself and the rest of humanity.

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“Concern for man himself and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors…in order that the creations of our minds shall be a blessing and not a curse to mankind.” – Albert Einstein, CalTech, February 16, 1931